About the lecture:

Value Management for Product Managers

Smartsheet.com is trying to compete in a very crowded market – SW tools for project

management (there are more than 500 tools!!!). They succeeded in achieving ten million

users and 500% growth in revenue over three years. They did it by bringing a “very high

value for money” offer, focused on their customer needs.

Value Management is one of the key success factors for firms and for Product

Managers. The ability to focus on the high value features and skip the development

of non-high value features, allows firms to speed up their time to market, to grow

profits and most of all, to achieve happy customers.

In our presentation we will speak about the main five processes in Value Management

and we will demonstrate two simple tools (Value Diagram and Prioritization Matrix) that

will assist you in focusing on the high value features.

Dvir Zohar is the CEO of Simple. Simple helps firms move faster, by implementing

simple processes and tools. Dvir Zohar has 30 years of practical experience in product

development. He is working with wide range of firms including large international firms,

leading Israeli firms and a lot of startups.

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