Erez Pedro

Co-Founder, UX practice Lead &GDE, CodeValue

About the lecture:

 Discovering product’s MVP with UX tools


The quality of an MVP has major implications on the success of projects and products. Unfortunately, defining the MVP is done intuitively rather than methodically.

 State of the art methods such as Google design and IBM Design Thinking offer tools for early stage product discovery. They all include quick analysis and design by the product team but do not provide a method for defining the MVP as part of the process.

 This talk will show a method for defining the MVP as part of the team collaborative product discovery session.

 Erez has 20 years’ experience in defining User Experience in a range of domains and technologies. He is a founder and head of UX CodeValue. He teaches UX design at academia and industry and also mentors startups and company teams at the Google TLV campus. Erez is a Google Product Design Expert (GDE).

Erez holds a B.Sc. in Physics & Mathematics from the Hebrew University and a Masters in Design (M.E.Des) from the University of Calgary.


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