Ori Rotkovitch

Director of Arbinger Israel, The Arbinger Institute

About the lecture:

Leading with an Outward Mindset

Product managers engages in many tasks and leads people around them to accomplish a common goal.

While their skills and competences are very important, their leadership capability is determined by something deeper.

Something so foundational, which drives and dictates the effectiveness of every action and has huge impact on results.

What is this unseen force? Mindset.

Mindset is about how we see other people, how we perceive our work and how we focus on our objectives.

Imagine what would happen if every person operated with a mindset that focus on the success of everyone around them.

What would happen to collaboration? What would happen to performance? What would happen to results?

This talk will present the Outward Mindset and how it can help you to lead and manage more effectively.

This talk will increase your self-awareness of your own mindset and provide you a tool to start implement an outward mindset in your role.