Noa Franko-Ohana

Business Development Executive, IBM Alpha Zone

About the lecture:

Top 3 technology trends in startup's product - The Accelerator perceptive  


With more than 500 application in a year ,  IBM Alpha Zone accelerator is exposed to the most innovative technologies and products of the Israeli startup ecosystem

As the business development executive which owns the scouting and work closely with the startups on their product and business development - I can share my insights and point of view on the following:

The top 3 trends we see in the startups' products in Israel

1.  AI - (Machine learning)

2.  Data (especially in digital health - ( gathering relevant dataand data analysis.

3. Blockchain  


How startup are adjusting their products to be work with big enterprises (enterprise grade solution - scale  + high availability  , fast integration and implementation, immediate ROI GDPR and regulations  ,  

Betterhave a high quality notch product that answer a very specific need thana vast platform

What should an innovative startup's product include and how it is aligned with the latest technologies and IBM technologies in general .