Ariel Weiss

Decision Product Manager, Riskified

About the lecture:

Explain yourself - how explaining your decisions can lead to better accuracy

Why does Netflix think Tiger King is what I’ll want to watch next? Will knowing the reasoning behind their technology make a difference in how likely I am to follow their recommendation?
As a product manager, developing explainable products is difficult and will not always have a direct effect on your metrics, so why invest in it? At Riskified, our customers’ transaction approval rate depends on us, which means we have to be adept at explaining our decisioning process while making sure our standard of accuracy stays at top performance. But what exactly is the tradeoff between accuracy and explainability? Is there a tradeoff at all?

 In this session, I’ll share my experience dedicating a year of development to explainability, even while it wasn’t clear how it would be reflected in our KPIs. I’ll show you how this led me to understand that not only are accuracy and explainability not in conflict but .when done right, they feed into each other, resulting in an ever-evolving Flywheel Effect