About the lecture:

Company Turnaround through Product

In the past year, SupPlant has transformed from a company that encountered difficulties in accelerating its commercial growth - although it owns an excellent technology - into an active and dynamic company that shows a significant increase in customer acquisition and in the acreages where its technology deployed and yields results.

For several years our main challenge was to succeed in developing innovative and unique irrigation technology. Once the technology has proven itself over several seasons, at the commercialization stage, it became apparent that technology does not “sell itself” just because it is innovative and gets work done. We started to worry that we were missing something regarding our customers and their actual needs. In-depth study and analysis have led us to develop a new modus-operandi for the product - an inclusive approach that empowers the customers and provides them a sense of control and monitoring capabilities. From a strategy of "let technology do better than you", we have moved to "let technology make you better", which is based on transparency and trust-building processes.

Except for major updates to the product, the process required also significant organizational shifts. Directed by the company's management, we built an ad-hoc product team that steered the revolution. Later in that process, the whole company underwent a profound change through the product.