Shuky Aharonovitch

Senior Product Manager - Machine Health, Augury

About the lecture:

 How to tune your dual-track agile process for maximum impact

 So, you’ve probably heard podcasts on how Spotify builds product teams, and you already read Marty Cagan (twice!), and it seems like everyone is working in “Squads”, and you get a crippling FOMO sensation down your back?


We were once there as well.

Back in 2016, we started to assemble Empowered product teams in Augury, by working with “Dual-track agile” processes. Our sole purpose was to maximize the impact on business results in which those teams could deliver.

It didn't go smoothly.
We had to experiment, and fail, and adjust.
But we got better, and now we will never look back - for us working in teams following Dual-track agile, is the best way for us to achieve our business goals.

In this talk, we will cover a few learning we had along the way, sharing real challenges we faced, and how we tune our teams today for maximum impact.