Ilana Rosner

Manager, Ads Product management, eBay

Impact through empathy

We all know we need to pay close attention to our customers pains to build a great product... But today, more than ever, we live in an era of explosive growth and tremendous global competition. A great product is simply not enough to drive significant and sustained business results. We, as product managers, need to pay attention to a wide array of interfaces inside & outside of the company, to deeply understand their pains and their needs, and act to address them. Doing this will unlock new levels of cooperation, creativity & trust and deliver results beyond any expectations. In this session, I will share how, in eBay, a systematic method of practicing empathy, enabled us to take on new markets, grow our business, delight our customers, and experience personal growth. By the end of the session you will glimpse a connection between product management and The Wizard of OZ, and how to leverage our shared insights to start your own path of practicing Empathy.