Maayan Gottlieb

Product Executive, Mentor, Public Speaker,Symbol

About the lecture:

Deconstructing Product / Market Fit

 Most conversations about Product Market Fit make it out to be a monolith. Working with different PMs on a wide variety of products and companies taught us the opposite - product market fit is a nuanced concept that can be deconstructed and sharpened. There are a few parameters that impact how we should think about and tackle PMF: from customer type (B2B/SMB/C/G) to business model and market type (existing market demand vs creating a new one). We will map these parameters and bring examples from Onavo, Fundbox and Autodesk to explain how identifying them guided our journeys to PMF.  


The deconstruction of PMF will also be useful to help PMs choose the best PMF framework for their product, company, and PM skills. We will review several PMF frameworks, highlight the main benefits and limitations each of them introduce, and share from our experience working with startups and zero to one PMs to help you decide which framework would fit your product and environment the most.

Finally, we will share a few leading metrics to accompany those frameworks, so you can build the best ‘PMF dashboard” for your needs.


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