Yoav Yechiam

Analytics Specialist and Managing Partner, The Product Alliance
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About the lecture:

Why do our Analytics keep failing our Product needs?

DATA-DRIVEN and ANALYTICS are two of the most trending words in todays' PM talk. And yet the transition from discussion and being data-minded, to actually using data to truly influence our work is much harder than thought.

In this talk, Yoav Yechiam, a globally recognized Analytics expert, will share with us his take on why most Analytics implementations fail to serve the Product needs.

It's not due to the platforms, tools or even the technical implementation gone wrong. In most cases it's on us, the PMs. When we define and implement our Analytics 'to cover everything' we're missing its true purpose - to understand user behavior IN ORDER TO TAKE ACTION.

It all starts with PMs needing to ask 'what do I need to understand?' as opposed to 'what do I need to measure?'. After hearing this lecture you'll understand why the difference is so crucial to being truly data-driven and analytics able.