Roee Froman

Product Director, Taboola

About the lecture:

Product Strategy:  360 validation cookbook 

We are often asked to build a Product Strategy, but not always do we have the model to support our thought process and the integration of the different pieces. Converging the business side, company goals and market condition is the secret in generating an impactful Product Strategy.
In the talk I will present the 360 Product Strategy model which I co-developed as a consultant, used with my customers and using now in Taboola. We will go over the various parts of the model, learn how to get the info and how to connect it all together.
My name is Roee and I'm leading the eCommerce squad at Taboola, I previously managed Product and Presales teams in TOMIA and was a consultant for various companies in the domains of GTM, Strategy and more and, I love snowboarding!