About the lecture:

Leveraging UX Expertise in Analytics for Better Product Insights

In today's B2B industry, many product professionals acknowledge the untapped potential of analytics data in their product work. They recognize that data holds the key to answering critical questions such as: “Does the feature deliver to the users the value we expected it will?” or “Did we make the right decision when selecting this UX solution for the feature over the other proposed alternative?”. In this talk, I will propose a novel approach to enhancing analytics insights by integrating the expertise of your UXers into the analytics loop.


By involving UX experts who have crafted the UX\UI with these questions in mind, you can leverage their familiarity with both the queries at hand and the intricate details of the screens. Their unique perspective enables them to define the analytics events that yield the desired answers. Our methodology incorporates an analytics plan within each UX specification, ensuring seamless integration between design and data-driven decision-making.


During this session, we will delve into our methodology, providing practical insights and showcasing compelling use cases. By highlighting the value of incorporating UX expertise into the analytics process, we aim to empower product professionals with a holistic understanding of their users, ultimately driving more informed and impactful product decisions.

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