About the lecture:

From a parking app to super app – how strategy shaped our app concept and features  

How a vision of one sentence inspired us in the process of designing and shaping our new app.  

How as a product manager you manage to bind all the pieces together: business, marketing, product, UX, UI & development into one coherent story that serves your brand vision & strategy and most importantly can tell one simple story to your customers 

Pango went through a thorough journey of shaping its vision which was led by designing and rebuilding our new application interface. As Pango VP product, I had the privilege of leading this process.  

I will share with you our takeaways, what worked for us, what didn't work, what we learned and what can serve you on your day today's work.  

And... will also have very interesting numbers to share, how this all merged into business KPIs and goals.