26 Dec 2018
09:00 - 17:00

The 6th Yearly Conference of Product Excellence

Making a change in your product – sometimes it's about development, sometimes it's about avoiding risk or a willing to change your business orientation.

Sometimes the necessity to make changes comes from outside or dictated by the market.

This year we will discuss how, when and even why products are changed.

How to make changes that elicit positive responses from the market, and how to change the market by disruptive product innovation.

We will learn about signs that a change in product is needed?

What's the difference between short and long-term changes, and between functional and technological (or combined) changes?

The knowledge about product changes in our industry is extensive. This year experienced Product Managers who made significant product changes (more successful or less so) will share their experiences and considerations, so that we can learn an implement in the future.

We will discuss also changes in a Product Manager's career: Development, re-organizations of product teams and leadership skills.

In the ProductX conferences we all share knowledge, meet, interact with other product managers, and take home practical information and food for thought.

25 Dec 2017
09:00 - 17:00

The 5th Yearly Conference of Product Excellence

Innovation@Product excellence was never so thrilling !

This year we gathered the latest and greatest methods and success stories about "HOW TO DO IT RIGHT"

Gil Shwed from Check Point will open with his product innovation vision, Facebook and Google product management leads in Israel will continue with the innovation aspects on their end and the agenda is full of more tricky and useful methods and tips. We are going to get Interesting exposure to "lean canvas", learn about seeding growth hacking in your product form first phase and what makes your product disruptive.

After 4 successful years the 5th product management conference is coming to Tel-Aviv and changing form to expose the edge of product innovation like influencing your clients with voice and learn more about the power of metrics

Innovation@Product excellence - inspire yourself

15 Dec 2016
09:00 - 17:00

The 4th Yearly Conference of Product Excellence

The focus of the event was Product Agility - the acceleration of the product development process. Faster R&D cycles, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment introduce new challenges to product managers, who want to actively lead and not just react.

12 Dec 2015
09:00 - 17:00

The 3rd Yearly Conference of Product Excellence

This conference goal  was to increase the networking between the product managers.

With about 500 participants, ProductX 2015 was the highlight event summarizing the yearly mentoring program of Product excellence community.


13 May 2015
16:00 - 19:00

Webinar "The Chasm meeting"

lecture by: Prof. Yanko Goldednberg

Dr. Guy Yogev

Erez Tsalik

Prof. Yanko Goldednberg:

  • Growth processes and how the product life cycle looks like taking the chasm into consideration.
  • How laggards are actually an important vehicle because most of them are skipping generations and on the adoption curve they appear as innovators. Hence their influence is severely underestimated.

Dr. Guy Yogev:

  • Ways to mitigate the chasm affect
  • Is there a disconnect between the initial marketing effort and marketing means at late stages? This is not always the case

Erez Tsalik

  • (SIT – Systematic innovation thinking) will present and demonstrate cases of systematic creativity approach that can help in designing better products that are going to face a chasm.
12 May 2015
16:30 - 17:30

Webinar "Crossing the Chasm"

lecture by: Dr. Geoffrey Moore

 Geoff Moore is the master at creating a vocabulary for management strategy that captures the competitive dynamics of the times


  • Crossing the Chasm
  • Inside the Tornado
  • The Gorilla Game
  • Living on the Faultline
  • Dealing with Darwin
18 Dec 2014
09:00 - 17:00

The 2nd Yearly Conference of Product Excellence

500 product managers meet face to face with the Israeli Hi-Tech leaders, and listen to 25 lectures from the best speakers of the product management communityץ

18 Dec 2013
09:00 - 17:00

The 1st Yearly Conference of Product Excellence

The first conference was a great successes with about 500 product managers attending.