px 2015

This conference goal  was to increase the networking between the product managers.

With about 500 participants, ProductX 2015 was the highlight event summarizing the yearly mentoring program of Product excellence community.

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1. Product Challenges for Unstructured Data, the Salesforce Journey

Tal Brown - Director, Product Management, Salesforce.com

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2. Improve Enterprise products by improving the conversion  optimization ratio (CRO) 

Ilay Avni – CEO, Web Science

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3. Emotions that drive to Good Products

Dr Jacob Greenshpan

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4. Product Manager, “Looking for the next challenge”

Daphna Ofek - Product Manager, Google, Waze

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5. Breaking The Login Wall. Keep your users active and happy

Idit Minka - UX Specialist, Aman UI & Design

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6. Practical networking - to create effective relationships

Rinat Gershfeld - Expert in persuasion, presentation and sales, CEO, Speaking & Beyond

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7. The next leap in the product - the Short Guide

Omer Gartzman - Head of Product, Wix Website Editor

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8. Practical Advice on, Driving Pivotal Changes

Asaf Bord, Earnix

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9. It’s Not About Pinking. The hidden potential of gendered product innovation

Anat Katz-Arotchas - CEO, Standpoint 

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10. Israel as our sandbox. Israel isn’t a market, it’s a sandbox

Inbal Miron–Bershteyn - Co-founder, CEO, Kidkedoo

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11. Complementary  thought directions

Gil Graff - VP Product Management 

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12. When is the  time to forget everything you've learned  about  Product Management

Uri Haramati - Co-Founder& Head of Product, Meerkat

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13. The unexpected facts of life

Orly Amrani - General  Manager, Wix

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14. Product Management. The Next Gen: The Customer as a Product Manager? 

Dvir Hoffman - VP, Product Management & Marketing