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Prof. Ron Shachar ||  Former Dean of Arison School of Business, Reichman University. Currently head of the Honors program.
Prof. Ron Shachar
Former Dean of Arison School of Business
Reichman University. Currently head of the Honors program.
The five stories marketers should tell

What do Cinderella, Jane Eyre, Aladdin and the Ugly Duckling have in common? Their plot.

 Two decades ago the author Christopher Booker argued that throughout history there were only seven basic plots that writers have used. One of them, rags to riches, fits the four stories above.


 In the lecture I argue that throughout history there were only five basic stories that marketers have used (quite different from those identified by Booker). Knowing and understanding these five can be very useful to marketers, especially today – when marketers are frequently encouraged to tell stories. In the lecture I describe these basic stories as well as four storytelling methods that advertisers should use to overcome the major challenges advertisers face.

Hanan Levin || VP sales, Hunters
Hanan Levin
VP sales
 Let’s talk business: A sales perspective of product management

A view of product management from a sales perspective, and how PMs can help in the sales motion and make a real impact on the business.


Eilat Lev Ari || Product Director, Healthy
Eilat Lev Ari
Product Director
From Growth to Profitability: Rethinking Product Strategy in a Changing Times


Last year, our product just started gaining traction and showing initial signals of growth.


But then, as the ecosystem changed, we looked around and noticed a different reality than the one we had planned for. Budgets were tight and our team was cut in half.


 In this new era of uncertainty, a critical question emerged: Does our product still keep its fit in this new landscape? It was a new game, and we needed to prove our worth in terms of profit rather than simply chasing growth


What did we do? Join me when I unveil how we adapted our strategy to embrace this disruption into a fresh beginning. We’ll explore how we navigated this journey to ultimately transform us into a significant profit unit within the company while remaining committed to our mission of providing clinical value to patients



Amit Shuster || Head of Product , Imagen
Amit Shuster
Head of Product
Building Trust with AI: The Journey of Developing an AI Culling Solution for Photographers

Explore the behind-the-scenes journey of developing an AI-driven photo selection product — an AI culling solution for photographers. 

As a product manager at Imagen, an early-stage startup specializing in personalized AI editing services, I tackled the challenge of creating an innovative zero-to-one AI solution within a tight schedule and limited resources. 

Collaborating closely with data scientists and leveraging the expertise of our internal photographers, we navigated the complexities of working with AI models and adapted our product definition to establish trust with our customers. 

Discover the lessons learned and gain valuable knowledge for building AI products in challenging environments.


Julia Diament  || VP R&D, Security Organization
Julia Diament
Security Organization
PM for AI can't be an Avocado

Deployment without formal authority is a significant challenge for Product Managers, and when it comes to AI, the complexity reaches new heights, almost like creating art in a scientific world. In this enlightening lecture, Julia will share valuable recipes from her career cooking book that pave the way to success and help prevent AI algorithm failures.
Join us as we explore practical strategies to get things done - the right way, empowering you to navigate the challenges of AI deployments with finesse.


Ofer Baratz // Shani Perl  || Director of Product // Product Manager, Deci. AI
Ofer Baratz // Shani Perl
Director of Product // Product Manager
Deci. AI
Navigating the Unique Challenges of Developing a Product in a Rapidly Evolving Market

Join us as we delve into product development within a dynamically growing market, where unprecedented challenges arise that differ from those encountered in mature and traditional markets. Using the thriving AI market as an example, we will explore the continuous process of product adaptation to meet market demands. Our discussion will revolve around an innovative approach that focuses on shaping the product to align with evolving market needs. By validating problem relevance and iteratively refining our hypotheses, we strive to bridge the gap and achieve success in this dynamic landscape.

What’s in it for the listener: A fresh, practical approach for implementing a concrete product methodology suitable for a dynamic market, along with insights on whether you are working on a product tailored for such a market.


Shelly Shmurack ||  Product Leadership, Data & AI, Walmart
Shelly Shmurack
Product Leadership
Data & AI
Who's The Boss? Decision-Making in AI

The talk explores the intersection of product, AI, and decision-making.

As AI continues to exert a growing influence in our lives, achieving the right balance between human empowerment and AI-driven decision-making becomes a strategic imperative. This discussion examines when and how we should leverage each approach, and the optimal level of human involvement in the loop to effectively create AI-powered products.

Tzviel Lemberger || Head of AI for validation product team, Intel
Tzviel Lemberger
Head of AI for validation product team
 Unlocking AI Explainability: Revolutionizing Intel's Chip Validation Process Using AI

Dive into the world of AI explainability and witness how it has transformed Intel's chip validation process. Discover how our AI-based product has simplified complex processes, making them more understandable and efficient. In this lecture, we will explore the pivotal role of AI explainability techniques in fostering customer understanding, building trust, and driving widespread adoption. 

Noa Reikhav || VP Product, Skai
Noa Reikhav
VP Product
Unveiling the Product Compass: Navigating Product Discovery for Strategic Success

Join us for a practical and results-oriented lecture on product discovery. Learn how to navigate the process of uncovering customer needs, and build your product strategy for success. Gain hands-on tools and takeaways to drive your product development forward. Don't miss this opportunity to chart your course towards strategic excellence.




Shem Magnezi || Co-Founder and CTO, Wilco
Shem Magnezi
Co-Founder and CTO
AI funnel optimization

In this talk, we'll be discussing a common problem we faced in Wilco - users getting stuck when building quests. Despite having a clear understanding of what they needed to do, they were still unable to complete the task. We suspected that writer's block may have been the culprit and decided to introduce the Wilco AI bot as a writing partner. This allowed users to collaborate and build the perfect quest they had in mind. We'll be sharing our experience with implementing this solution and how it can potentially help others facing similar challenges. Join us for an informative discussion on how to overcome creative obstacles with the help of AI technology.


Arbel Zinger || Senior Director Product Management, Melio ||Co-Founder at HiTech Problems
Arbel Zinger
Senior Director Product Management
5 things your developers hate about you

Product managers love to talk about how they’re the users’ voice, they represent the market and they’re only focused on the problem. 

BUT at the end we need to bring impact, and that’s very hard to do without our partners in crime - the engineering teams.

In this short talk I’ll go over a few things you can do better as a PM to make you a better partner for your team (and make them actually like you, which is also great).

Roee Froman || Product Director, Taboola
Roee Froman
Product Director
Your Product’s 360 strategy model - When biz, tech and the market converge

We are often asked to build a Product Strategy, but not always do we have the model to support our thought process and the integration of the different pieces. Converging the business side, company goals and market condition is the secret in generating an impactful Product Strategy.
In the talk I will present the 360 Product Strategy model which I co-developed as a consultant, used with my customers and using now in Taboola. We will go over the various parts of the model, learn how to get the info and how to connect it all together.
My name is Roee and I'm leading the eCommerce squad at Taboola, I previously managed Product and Presales teams in TOMIA and was a consultant for various companies in the domains of GTM, Strategy and more and, I love snowboarding!

Nataly Rudnitsky Dalal  || Product Management, Talon
Nataly Rudnitsky Dalal
Product Management
Boost Your Product Management Skills with AI



Navigate how the AI revolution meets you in your day to day as a product manager. We'll learn effective prompting strategies, crafting new features using ChatGPT and conducting competitive analysis. You'll be ready to take action immediately the following day and make AI your personal assistant.



Gil Hupert Graff || CEO, UI
Gil Hupert Graff
Leveraging UX Expertise in Analytics for Better Product Insights

In today's B2B industry, many product professionals acknowledge the untapped potential of analytics data in their product work. They recognize that data holds the key to answering critical questions such as: “Does the feature deliver to the users the value we expected it will?” or “Did we make the right decision when selecting this UX solution for the feature over the other proposed alternative?”. In this talk, I will propose a novel approach to enhancing analytics insights by integrating the expertise of your UXers into the analytics loop.

 By involving UX experts who have crafted the UX\UI with these questions in mind, you can leverage their familiarity with both the queries at hand and the intricate details of the screens. Their unique perspective enables them to define the analytics events that yield the desired answers. Our methodology incorporates an analytics plan within each UX specification, ensuring seamless integration between design and data-driven decision-making.

 During this session, we will delve into our methodology, providing practical insights and showcasing compelling use cases. By highlighting the value of incorporating UX expertise into the analytics process, we aim to empower product professionals with a holistic understanding of their users, ultimately driving more informed and impactful product decisions.

Shuki Mann ||  CEO & Founder, LIXFIX Ltd
Shuki Mann
CEO & Founder
Can't see the forest for the data.

In a world where data surrounds us from every possible direction, many companies get lost in the sea of data and often don't know what to do with all that data - how to make decisions with it and how to effectively use it for A/B testing.

In this lecture, we will discuss 7 practical things that product managers need to measure in order to make smarter decisions about their product.

Carmel Arad || Senior product manager, Honeybook
Carmel Arad
Senior product manager
Balancing Data and Empathy: Driving Innovative Product Strategies for Growth

While planning our growth strategy for 2023 our team at HoneyBook faced an exciting challenge. The previous optimizations we applied to our onboarding flow didn't yield the desired results, prompting us to seek a fresh approach.

Acknowledging the complexity of our product, we realized that combining data insights with genuine user empathy was the key to our success. Better understanding the users behind the funnel numbers and their pains led us to uncover a novel user segmentation approach, laying the groundwork for our growth strategy.

This lecture will explore how a data-inspired approach can unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth in any product. By infusing empathy into your data-driven decision-making, you can transform challenges into opportunities, foster innovation, and achieve exceptional growth for your products. Additionally, you'll gain insights into effective implementation of straight-line onboarding principles, quick testing techniques, and comprehensive impact validation, empowering you to secure stakeholder support for new product growth strategies and attain the results you are aiming for.



Ofir Natan || CPO, Practical AI
Ofir Natan
Practical AI
Nailing Your Gen AI Feature - A Framework for Success

As companies race to take advantage of emerging opportunities to deliver new value through Generative AI, product teams are exploring effective ways to successfully embed Gen AI into their roadmaps using minimal resources.

Following his work on multiple Gen AI projects with various companies, Ofir developed a framework to help you navigate your journey from idea to full integration into your product and increase the probability of success.

In his talk, using real-world examples, Ofir will share key steps, challenges, best practices and resources you can use to nail your own Gen AI project or feature.