PX 2018

Anna Bloom || Head of Experience (UX&UI), Uniq UI
Anna Bloom
Head of Experience (UX&UI)
Uniq UI
3 tools for innovative product change

There can be many reasons to drastically change a product: outdated or patchy code that needs rewriting, a UX that doesn't satisfy the users, product pivot - and many more. When we approach that kind of change, some essential decision making is in order.

These decisions will have long-term strategic implications on the product and company. In this talk, Anna will tell you all about 3 practical tools which the team at Uniq UI uses to assist customers' product teams in making these decisions.

Yaron Zakai-Or || Director Of Technology, Facebook
Yaron Zakai-Or
Director Of Technology
A Career Journey and its influence on one’s products

Yaron’s product-centric career journey spanned through engineering, product management and finally landed in general management. Making a personal choice of supporting an equal opportunity for his wife’s career, the personal journey meant taking a 3 years career pause to focus on the family. The impact of these changes on one’s career and subsequently the products they built will be at the core of this talk.

YAIR ZEHAVI || FOUNDER & CPO, INVIOU - Blockchain Platform for Invoice Finance
INVIOU - Blockchain Platform for Invoice Finance
Failure is just a stepping stone to success

If at first you don't succeed, try again. In this talk, Yair Zehavi, a serial entrepreneur, and corporate executive will discuss why product managers should not fear failure and leverage it to achieve success

OR MENDELS || UX Department Manager, UI
UX Department Manager
Design Sprint as a Change Kick starter

The Google Design Sprint is a methodology for effectively upgrading an existing product, kickstarting the development of a new product or quickly examining new ideas. The method’s main idea is to follow five steps in five days: (1) Analyze the problem, (2) Suggest solutions (3) Select the winning idea (4) Create a prototype (5) Perform usability testing.

In this talk I’ll discuss the theory in detail, some real life stories of its application, especially among Israeli participants. We’ll discuss the adaptations we did in UI and its pros and cons against other approaches.

Adi Broza Margolis || Product Group Director, Fiverr
Adi Broza Margolis
Product Group Director
Break the loop - how to control your Product instincts

As a living organism we all have instincts, our natural reaction to a situation and as product managers, our instincts guide us to ask questions and validate our hypothesis, but in many cases, we are so guided by our intuition that we don’t use it in an effective way. 

How to find the balance between trusting your instincts but letting go when needed?

For that, we will learn a framework.

 In this session, Adi will share her insights from her long experience working on Fiverr’s quality domain and how managing your instincts is a key factor in succeeding. 


Nir Levy || Head of Product and Professional Services , Credorax
Nir Levy
Head of Product and Professional Services
How an innovation lab can contribute to your company’s success


Technology is developing faster than we can keep up with. Both consumers and businesses continue to expect products to better fit their specific needs. In order for technology companies to stay ahead of the curve, an innovation lab can help them to develop disruptive products at lightning speed, in parallel to their current company’s product roadmap and launches.

Nir Levy, Head of Product and Professional Service at Credorax, will share his insights on:

  • Why your company should create a separate innovation lab
  • How can your company create an innovation lab
  • How to decide which products to invest in developing at your innovation lab
  • Key Innovation success criteria


Paz Davidovich || CO-CEO, Monkeytech
Paz Davidovich
Product managers? Congratulation! You are mother and father!

We are privileged, as product managers, to have a fascinating, challenging and diverse role. One that holds a lot of responsibility, that enables us to create something greater than ourselves, to give love and attention, make an impact. If you think about it, we actually act as parents - nurturing and taking care of whatever our product needs - to survive, grow and flourish, deal with the world, perhaps even take over the world one day..
I’m excited to share with you some of my thoughts about this so important role that we have as.. mothers and fathers to products! 

Edik Mitelman // Maayan Gottlieb  || Senior Manager // Head of Product - AutoCAD Mobile, Autodesk
Edik Mitelman // Maayan Gottlieb
Senior Manager // Head of Product - AutoCAD Mobile
Success requires making tough decision. Be brave or fail!

As product managers we often find ourselves in the epicenter of changes. Sometimes we initiate them, sometimes they happen to us. In both cases the PM has to have the courage and the passion to make the right calls, even if they are widely unpopular or questionable.

This presentation will cover the case study of AutoCAD Mobile that had to undergo a monumental strategic shift during its highest business success and describe how our PM team is embracing the change and setting the product up for success in the long term.

DR. Haim Shapira || Mathematician, Speaker, Philosopher, Pianist
DR. Haim Shapira
Game Theory and Psychology of Decision Making

This lecture deals with Game Theory and Psychology of Decision Making.

In this lecture we will:

  • Meet the Nobel Prize laureate John F Nash and familiarize ourselves with his celebrated equilibrium
  • Learn the basic ideas of the Art of Negotiation
  • Learn about the importance of cooperation
  • Introduce the world champion in strategic thinking
  • Learn how statistics bolster lies
  • Partake in John Maynard Keynes’s "Beauty Contest" Competition and study its association with stock trading
How I learned to say no

As PMs, we are often swamped with product requests and some are harder to say no to than others. In my lecture I will share how I learned to say no to my manager, which helped me grow both professionally and as a person.

Tal Ben Simon || VP Product, eToro
Tal Ben Simon
VP Product
Change how you do Product

We, product people, are usually trying to change or redesign our product.

But there’s a point in time, when you need to reorganize the structure and redefine the workflow of your Product-R&D teams and potentially the entire company.

  • Why and when to make a change?
  • How should this sensitive change be made?
  • What is the product manager’s role in leading this change?

I will share the story of the profound changes (which are still being) made in eToro, a fast growing FinTech startup with more than 500 employees… 

RON NETZEREL || CPO, ALBERT - Artificial Intelligence Marketing
ALBERT - Artificial Intelligence Marketing
The AI Product Manager - Insights from building Albert, the first fully-autonomous digital marketer

Oh boy, it's got a life of it's own. We've built an AI-based fully-autonomous system that plans marketing campaigns on its own, builds and executes on its own, continuously analyzing data, extracts info and takes action on behalf of its customers in the open-ended world of marketing.

This presentation will cover insights from the journey we went through to build Albert, from product strategy through product and dev methodologies, to internal operations - and the product guidelines that allow us to build Albert and (try to) control it.

Leading with an Outward Mindset

Product managers engages in many tasks and leads people around them to accomplish a common goal.

While their skills and competences are very important, their leadership capability is determined by something deeper.

Something so foundational, which drives and dictates the effectiveness of every action and has huge impact on results.

What is this unseen force? Mindset.

Mindset is about how we see other people, how we perceive our work and how we focus on our objectives.

Imagine what would happen if every person operated with a mindset that focus on the success of everyone around them.

What would happen to collaboration? What would happen to performance? What would happen to results?

This talk will present the Outward Mindset and how it can help you to lead and manage more effectively.

This talk will increase your self-awareness of your own mindset and provide you a tool to start implement an outward mindset in your role.

Ariel Kedem  || Director of product, Consumer experience - Culture Trip, Fiverr
Ariel Kedem
Director of product
Consumer experience - Culture Trip
Moving from being an intuitive PM to goals driven PM

I've started my PM career almost 13 years ago, as intuitive driven PM. My career path since then took me into a personal process and changed my point of view, from a intuitive driven, to data-driven and during the last 4 years - business and goals driven. In my session, I will give you a sneak peek to my current way of thinking and some tools to make this change as well.|

Tamir Lahav || Product Owner Data Science, Booking.com
Tamir Lahav
Product Owner Data Science
A/B Culture

Booking.com is one of the world's largest online companies where 150+ product teams help millions of daily visitors to choose the right accommodations among one of our 29M+ listings in 200+ countries. By working autonomously in every part of the customer journey, the teams can quickly react and adapt to customer needs. 

At any given time point, millions of users from all over the world are exposed to 1000+ concurrently running experiments.


Join us to hear more about how to avoid the typical A/B testing mistakes, learn why allocating the right experiment traffic and running experiments in parallel is so essential for your product success.