Tal Guttman

Senior Director // Head of Strategic Growth

About the lecture:

Product on a shoestring - The secret and ancient practices of product managers on a tight budget

It seems like there’s never enough. Your company might have the resources for illustrated portraits of all the office dogs, but when you want to test that really cool feature you thought of last night, well—all the resources are already spoken for. Or maybe you don’t have a company or any dev resources. So you don’t even have those pretty dog portraits. But you have this idea you want to validate because you’re pretty sure it could be a billion-dollar product. 

Sounds familiar? Welcome to my world. In “Product on a shoestring”, I’ll talk about my experience as the poorest guy in the richest orgs, explore different techniques on how to push your product forward even when resources are scarce, and how to use the results to get more resources than the dog-portrait illustrator.  

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