About the lecture:

Adopting a customer 'Closeness' mindset

Being a user of your product can be a huge business upside and a great advantage for Product Managers. The more you can use your product regularly and experience it as a user, the better. But what if this is a hard target to achieve? How can you be in tune with your users and design the best product and journeys when you cannot put yourself in your user’s shoes?

In this case, relying on very close communication with your users is the next best thing.

How do you embed a customer insight approach in your product decision-making processes?

How can you adopt a customer ‘closeness’ mindset within a business?

How can you use customer insight to win in product?

In this session, Roee Peled, 888 VP Product, will take us through the journey towards a customer insight led organization and the tools Product Manager can adopt to become more attentive to their customers’ needs.

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