About Us

Product X (Product Excellence) is the Israeli association for product managers, established on December 2013. ProductX's aim to fulfill a real NEED to increase knowledge sharing and act as a sustainable facilitator of increasing professionalism amongst its members. 

The community members of ProductX are considered as the leaders and visionaries of the “startup nation” and the high-tech sector. We believe that Product Management is all about people, business and communication. It takes real talent and hard work is to invent and create useful products with the right features and complexity. Product Management is a profession that needs to be cherished. Product managers have to focus on what really matters in order to be business leaders and change agents pushing their company's vision forward. The skill set an excellent product manager needs includes both working internally with teams within the organization as well as externally – working with customers and addressing the competition. The product manager's role involves constant challenges, so collaboration and sharing experience with other professionals is crucial for success. 

ProductX was established to be a hub of collaboration and expertise, focused on Product Management. ProductX is initiating courses, webinars, workshops, round tables, discussions and an annual conference. 

We welcome you to join our association and participate in our activities 

Omer Koreh ,Director 
on behalf of the ProductX team